I Thought Planned Parenthood Did Other “Wonderful Things.” I Was Wrong.

A true story written by by Andrew Flanders

Many people think Planned Parenthood does other “wonderful things besides abortion”. I’d like to share a true story written by my friend, Andrew Flanders. Andrew said:

Jennifer and I started seeing one another in the winter of ’08. We’d met a couple years earlier through a common friend and there was an instant “spark”, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. She was in the middle of a long term relationship and even though I asked her out a dozen times that evening (in front of her boyfriend) she wouldn’t have it. Still, when I got home that night, I told my best friend and roommate that I’d just met the woman I would marry. I was (respectfully) relentless in my pursuit of Jennifer and by Oct/Nov 2008 her relationship had run its course and we started to hangout together. The first time we spent one on one time together, she took me to The Village Church in Highland Village.

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Former Planned Parenthood Worker Tells Her Story

What if we reached 100,000 students in 2016 with the pro-life message? Planned Parenthood has targeted college students, specifically minority students. We want to launch something big on January 17, 2016 that is going to awaken the church to abolish abortion. We want to bring forgiveness and hope to many who feel guilt and shame. We just released one of sample videos of a former Planned Parenthood worker quitting and telling her story.

Back when I (Dave Sterrett) was partnering with the I Am Second outreach, I had an idea, “What if we were able to use creativity, and real stories along with training to end abortion and share a message of forgiveness?” What if we could mobilize thousands of students and help youth ministers train their students to answer the tough questions?

We need your help, will you give?

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