I Thought Planned Parenthood Did Other “Wonderful Things.” I Was Wrong.

A true story written by by Andrew Flanders

Many people think Planned Parenthood does other “wonderful things besides abortion”. I’d like to share a true story written by my friend, Andrew Flanders. Andrew said:

Jennifer and I started seeing one another in the winter of ’08. We’d met a couple years earlier through a common friend and there was an instant “spark”, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. She was in the middle of a long term relationship and even though I asked her out a dozen times that evening (in front of her boyfriend) she wouldn’t have it. Still, when I got home that night, I told my best friend and roommate that I’d just met the woman I would marry. I was (respectfully) relentless in my pursuit of Jennifer and by Oct/Nov 2008 her relationship had run its course and we started to hangout together. The first time we spent one on one time together, she took me to The Village Church in Highland Village.

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What About Rape? My answer.


The issue of rape is a primary justification for abortion cited by pro-choice advocates, although forced intercourse accounts for less than one percent of pregnancies. Sadly, rather than focusing on the victim’s healing and the prosecution of the rapist, many in our society are obsessed with making sure that babies conceived in rape are not allowed to be born.

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On Mars, A Single Cell is Considered Life


Last year, several news outlets announced with excitement: “Mars Curiosity Rover Finds Life-supporting Chemicals.” What NASA’s rover had discovered were clay formations, which were revealed to contain chemicals that might have possibly supported life in the distant past. To date, NASA has invested 2.5 billion dollars seeking evidence of life on the planet Mars. The money reveals the value that scientists—regardless of creed or worldview—place on life and its special role in the universe.

Many scientists have tried to calculate the probability of life appearing spontaneously on Mars or anywhere else. British astronomer Sir Frederick Hoyle famously put the chances at 1 in 1040,000. But what are the chances that the precise combination of events would occur so that your parents could conceive you? Imagine your family tree: how many chance meetings, dinner dates and romantic walks had to happen among your grandparents, great-grandparents and so on to produce the series of relationships that led up to the beginning of your life?

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