Former Planned Parenthood Worker Tells Her Story

What if we reached 100,000 students in 2016 with the pro-life message? Planned Parenthood has targeted college students, specifically minority students. We want to launch something big on January 17, 2016 that is going to awaken the church to abolish abortion. We want to bring forgiveness and hope to many who feel guilt and shame. We just released one of sample videos of a former Planned Parenthood worker quitting and telling her story.

Back when I (Dave Sterrett) was partnering with the I Am Second outreach, I had an idea, “What if we were able to use creativity, and real stories along with training to end abortion and share a message of forgiveness?” What if we could mobilize thousands of students and help youth ministers train their students to answer the tough questions?

We need your help, will you give?

God has given us an incredible opportunity through your tax-deductible gifts to reach and train thousands of students and churches with the “We Choose Life” outreach in 2016. We believe, that together, God can use us to change hearts and minds. We are launching a “We Choose Life” website, short films and curriculum that will be used on January 17 across a variety of denominations. Baptist. Charismatics. Reformed. Catholics. Anglican. And many more.

I have been sharing the pro-life message at pregnancy fundraisers in Canada, Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina and speaking at colleges like the University of Virginia, Yale, Wheaton, Benedictine College and Liberty University.

We need $18,000 in the next two weeks to finish this project that will change many lives in 2016.

“We Choose Life is a great encouragement to all pro-life advocates as well as a resource for those struggling with the debate. Dave Sterrett has compiled a compelling group of stories that show the true pain and heartache that surrounds abortion.”- Dr. Charmaine Yoest, Americans United for Life

We Choose Life reminds Christians that Truth will continue to make significant inroads into the darkness of abortion so long as God’s people continue to stand with principle, compassion, and conviction.
Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family

“I’m so grateful for Dave Sterrett’s decision to be a voice for the voiceless. We need more resources like this that help Christians engage the important, cultural issues of our day.”
Jack Graham, Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church

“Epic is the word that grabbed my heart…you will find the hope of Jesus, the forgiveness of Jesus, and the heart of Jesus.”
Derwin L. Gray, Lead Pastor, Transformation Church

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